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Ozone As A Mold Remediation Tool


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Ozone As A Mold Remediation Tool

There has been much discussion and debate surrounding the topic of ozone and mold remediation. Detractors have claimed that the EPA's warnings concerning ozone and respiratory infection should be heeded. It has also been argued that ozone generators simply do not have the ability to produce in sufficient quantities to make a real difference in remediation of homes or commercial settings.

However, it should be mentioned that ozone happens to be an environmentally friendly method of attacking mold, as it dissipates rapidly and leaves no toxicity behind. This stands in contrast to alternative methods of mold remediation, which utilize chemical substances to address and eliminate infestations of mold.

It is important to realize that removing mold is a task that requires multiple steps. Remediation work done by professionals involves numerous stages designed not only to remove existing mold but also to prevent mold from returning in the future.

Low-quality remediation service providers will simply attempt to mask, cover and provide surface-level treatment to mold infestations. This is just a short-term fix, because mold has a natural way of growing up again like weeds. Roots provide this durability and tenacity, and if they are not thoroughly attacked and the spores comprehensively treated, the mold is almost certain to come back again sooner rather than later.

The water damage restoration and mold remediation industry has been revolutionized by Charles Boday, and he regularly trains mold professionals on the right way to perform eradication and prevention services. Boday cautions that one or two-step remediation processes are inadequate, and that a quality service will involve at least six to seven steps.

The process Charles advocates utilizes pre-treating steps, soda blasting, treatment of stains and roots and also a high-volume treatment with ozone. The ozone step has been particularly groundbreaking in its effectiveness, and when done properly, can achieve truly amazing results for those whose homes and businesses have been harmed by mold.

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