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The Wisdom of Hiring Professionals for Fire and Smoke Restoration


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The Wisdom of Hiring Professionals for Fire and Smoke Restoration

In most cases your insurance agent will be able to refer you to a professional smoke and fire damage restoration specialist. If you have a fire, you are probably taking their lead, as they know who is most likely to do the work that fits their claim scheme of things anyway. You do not want to do any of that kind of work yourself anyway because it is simply too dangerous without the proper equipment and knowledge, and unless you have a background in the field, you will fail miserably anyway.

Keep in mind that a company that makes its living cleaning up the aftermath of fires and smoke damage has to be very good at what they do, or they would not be able to stay in business simply due to simple competition. These companies have individuals who are highly trained and have vast experience in these matters. The smoke and fire residue can be extremely dangerous, depending upon what actually burned during the fire and there are usually dangerous chemicals that are left behind once the fire is put out.

This is not work for the average homeowner who might be good at cleaning out the garage, but he will definitely not be a match for the debris and junk that is left behind after a fire. Most fire restoration experts understand that each fire can be totally different from others, simply by what is consumed in the fire. There will be differences in the materials that get burned as well as the amount of material that gets consumed in the fire. There will also be differences by what was used to put out the fire.

Even in a smaller fire, there will be enough smoke created to get into all of the furniture, draperies, and sheets on the beds and the carpeting, not to mention the drywall and ceilings. In many cases, the smoke damage can be the worst part of the aftermath of the fire. Even smoke has differences, as there can be oil smoke, protein, wet, and dry, and each needs to be treated differently.

The fire and smoke restoration experts will also be working hand in hand with your insurance company so that your home gets repaired in accordance with your policy and it will be done in good form. Obviously, the smart thing to do is to work with your insurance company and the restoration company that is recommended for you.

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